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Here at EA Fasteners Ltd we offer a wide range of products.

For additional details on any of these products please call us on 01603 865055.

• Most of our threaded products are available in Fine Pitch & Imperial thread.

• Brass & all types of Stainless Steel are also available.

• Cut lengths of Threaded Bar in any grade and finish.

• Nuts & Bolts manufactured in any size & grade.

• Hand Rail Pipe & Fittings.


We are able to manufacture fasteners from various grades of material to suit your individual application, including; 4.6, 5.8, 8.8, 10.9, 12.9. Gr'5', Gr'S'/'R', Gr'T', SAE '8', B7/L7, Stainless steel A2-304, A4-316.


We are able to apply a wide range of finishes, these include: Zinc plated, Zinc & Yellow, Galvanised, Sheradised, Sheraplex Blue, Rilsan, PTFE coating.

With decades of experience in large diameter fasteners, we can supply products suitable for a wide range of heavy-duty applications which demand reliability, durability and precision.

Typical applications include:

Energy Production

- Overhead power structures

- Heat exchangers

- Boilers


- Oil platforms

- Processing equipment

- Valves

Water Industry

- Water pipelines

- Filtration systems

- Transportation


- Naval engines & components

- Offshore construction

- Hydro-electric plant

Rail Industry

- Chairscrews

- Baseplates & blocks

- Ferrules


- Steelwork

- Bridges and other civil engineering projects


- Agricultural machinery

- Construction machinery / earth moving equipment


- Gantries

- Bridges

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