• Most of our threaded products are available in Fine Pitch & Imperial thread.

• Brass & all types of Stainless Steel are also available.

• Cut lengths of Threaded Bar in any grade and finish.

• Nuts & Bolts manufactured in any size & grade.

• Hand Rail Pipe & Fittings.


Here at EA Fasteners Ltd we offer a wide range of products.

For additional details on any of these products please call us on 01603 865055.


We are able to manufacture fasteners from various grades of material to suit your individual application, including; 4.6, 5.8, 8.8, 10.9, 12.9. Gr'5', Gr'S'/'R', Gr'T', SAE '8', B7/L7, Stainless steel A2-304, A4-316.


We are able to apply a wide range of finishes, these include: Zinc plated, Zinc & Yellow, Galvanised, Sheradised, Sheraplex Blue, Rilsan, PTFE coating.

With decades of experience in large diameter fasteners, we can supply products suitable for a wide range of heavy-duty applications which demand reliability, durability and precision.

Typical applications include:

Energy Production
Water Industry

- Overhead power structures

- Heat exchangers

- Boilers

- Oil platforms

- Processing equipment

- Valves

- Water pipelines

- Filtration systems

- Transportation

- Naval engines & components

- Offshore construction

- Hydro-electric plant

Rail Industry

- Chairscrews

- Baseplates & blocks

- Ferrules


- Steelwork

- Bridges and other civil engineering projects

- Agricultural machinery

- Construction machinery / earth moving equipment


- Gantries

- Bridges